Catalog Conversion Services

Catalog Conversion Services

Catalog Conversion Services Outsourcing India

Catalog Conversion Outsourcing Services

Changing print data from catalog to electronic medium for publishing online is catalog conversion. It sounds easy but it is necessary to cover various issues in order to effectively bring out the conversion. Conversion of catalog must be done by experts only as it is one of the key marketing methods to attract consumers. Online product/service stores or ecommerce companies use catalog conversions to get to their clients and spread information on products online and thereby cost cutting down which are incurred from middle men and distribution. Customers can research on particulars of the product and present allowing for accessibility ease at any time using online catalog. We can help to direct your consumers who are potential into the accurate information he is appearing for, and attracting him with information and design structure including images to turn into a buyer.

Our earlier clients range from the engineering field, online auction, medical to real estate agencies and shopping stores. Defining product specifications, enabling search functions, product descriptors, converting images to various formats, Adobe PDF along with illustrations, graphics, statistical tables, categorically structuring information, converting files to MS Power point, etc. are the services which we include. In addition, pricing information are included in online catalogs for shipping and delivery charges, deal closing, tear outs, etc.

Allianze BPO covers various conversion services of catalog like

  • Book conversion, catalogues and magazines
  • Conversion Services of E-book
  • Online Publishing Assistance
  • Conversion Services of Scholarly papers and E-research
  • Conversion Services of E-journals
  • Conversion Services of E-publishing
  • Conversion Services of E-brochures

There are some factors which should be considered for successful design structure and catalogs conversion execution:

Placing of information and indexing categorically
Indexing is really important for catalog conversion if it becomes tedious to search on a feature or a particular product he is researching for purchase and customer is driven away. This can become a black mark for the companies as customers' needs options of searching which is easy and if it is unavailable, it leads to irritated customer and loss of potential buyer which results to sales decrease. The online catalogs developed by us are converted to search engine friendly catalogs. Within the catalog, various sub categories are built along with indexes to assist customers for product search or features which are particular like price, same characteristics or for various product comparison presented by the similar vendor. We take additional care in placing information in the correct categories so that consumers get the preferred response of what they are looking for while particular products search. Our professionals have more knowledge about customer behavior and mindset and know your measures and requirements which are adopted to beat the obstacle.

Updating of Catalog Information
The product features, price fluctuations, design changes, etc. should be constantly updated to gain cutthroat edge. Updating takes more time and resources, in terms of money and manpower should be done in-house. Conversion and updating requirements must be outsourced to spotlight on growth and core business activities.

Attractive images and product information
Our design setup expresses correct information related to the product like its durability, features of the product, and pros with additional information given by the client. Product images look really attractive by giving different colors. We have resources which are rich and can do catalog conversion to electronic formats.