Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Data is always crucial for any organization and act as bridge for the growth of an organization. We have experienced team that will make sure that your data entry project is a fine adjusted report with final touches by our experts so as your staff can complete other important tasks. Also we keep you updated about the latest developments on your project.
Our expertise is spread in across various industries like finance, banking, healthcare, travel, retail, and logistics, insurance, accounting and customer brokerage service.

We have a considerable R&D department, latest technology, in-house programming team with all the required knowledge so as to complete projects in time and have satisfied customers. We have the specialized in the handling of handwritten documents, printouts, images or PDF images. We have a team that has skills in keyboard operating and handwriting. We build our team only after the candidate passes the written, language, typing and computer skills. We have made it possible our client to cut through the completion and remain on top with our data entry services. Also we advise our clients with how to cut costs thus providing them a success rate of 99.95%.

Allianze BPO offers following data entry services:

  • Data Entry from hard or soft copy of the chosen format like MS office.
  • Data entry from images or from online stores
  • Indexing of PDF formats
  • Business transaction entry for sales/purchase/payrolls.
  • Direct, yellow-pages and white pages key data entry.
  • Software and applications data entry.
  • Word/ word processing Manu scripting.
  • Online data capturing
  • Data entry for bills/receipts/invoices.
  • Data entry for company reports, insurance claims, legal documents /contracts, mailing list/mailing label, business catalogues, business cards.
  • Mailing list for client/prospective customers.
  • Cash handling, credit and check processing via bonded mail.
  • Application forms
  • Shipping and subscription lists.
  • Copy, Paste, Editing, Cataloging and Indexing Data into suggested format
Benefits of Data outsourcing:

Businesses can focus on core practices by outsourcing your data entry jobs to us. This will help the company staff to divert their skills for other essential activities conserving resources and thus increasing efficiency.

You can also save manpower, minimum investment in technology and software. Also have worked in different time zones to benefit the business.

Accuracy and quality information is what we maintain. Our team believes in reliability with employing double keying and double blind procedures. Triple time quality check is made to ensure error free quality work.

We are good at high volume data entry jobs without recruiting extra manpower and on time completion of the project. For information or outsource us your Data Entry requirements, just email us at [email protected] or Contact Us here.