E-book Publishing / eBook Conversion

E-book Publishing / eBook Conversion

E-book Publishing eBook Conversion Outsource India
Advantages of Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services

Our team will take the responsibility of converting the manuscript to eBook format. If you want to get rid of headache, then give your eBook conversion service to us. You have the option to choose from Standard or Premium publishing package. We take the pleasure of converting the document that work with the most popular e Readers which can include i Pad, Nook, Kindle and many more.

Our team of e publishing maintains the consistency in service. We are specialized in data transferring and convert it into e Pub. We have earned the confidence of numerous clients who are associated with large organizations while maintaining complete brilliance and take the pleasure of converting huge amount of document data into e Pub format.

E Book publishing and eBook conversion services include:
  • Conversion that takes place from any supplied file from customers
  • Insertion of your cover image into the file
  • Conversion of 250 or above pages
  • Conversion of graphic elements that may include photographs, chart, tables and illustrations
  • Formatting the eBooks before the distribution

We are ready to offer you the unique and unmatched e Pub creation that includes formatting and conversion services that comes with the reference to International Digital Publishing forum standards. Our team takes the pride in creating eBooks and conversion from all formats like PDF, RTF, XML, HTML, MS Word and other medium which can also be converted into digital books. It is possible to read our eBook on any device as it comes up with compatible reading application.

How to ensure that the file will be converted?

In case of converting the document to eBook it should contain real text or it may also include the image. In order to find out if the text is real, there are few things that need to be done:

In case of a PDF: If you select the text separately, then it is essential on our part to copy and also paste the text into word document and the punctuation and formatting copies need to be placed correctly. The document will contain text that is ready to get converted.

In case of word document: If you select the text separately or modify in any case, then the text of the document will be ready for any conversion. In case the book contains any image, then the final eBook will also show the text as part of the image.

Adobe PDF eBook
  • There are various competing eBook formats that are available in the present market. We can take the pleasure of writing into different formats. If you want the titles to be readable on palm OS device or any other dedicated eBook readers, then you should opt for the service.
  • Adobe Portable Document Format is actually a natural choice for any eBook publishing as it is regarded to be the universal standard that can preserve essential attributes of any printed page.
  • If any of the eBooks are designed for desktop or laptop use, then we highly recommend keeping all the documents in PDF format for the time being. It is widely used and also focuses on supported format. The standard emerges come up in the future that offers with necessary support which will make any easy conversion from PDF.