eCommerce Back Office Support Services

eCommerce Back Office Support Services

eCommerce Back Office Support Services Outsource India

Get the affordable and reliable back office support service from our highly experienced team. Our solution completely depends on your needs and so takes the opportunity to supply sophisticated API or ERP vendor that can implement the necessary back office integration. Our team is responsible for understanding your integration needs till the end. We take the opportunity to establish an organized and perfectly coordinated e-business.

Our comprehensive back office integration comes up with numerous benefits. As the data has to be entered once to register into entire application network, redundancies and potential mistakes are eliminated that can easily enhance overall administration efficiency while reducing the costs. Back office integration will definitely improve customer service will focusing on the client's instant access to detail information, stocks, delivery times and other things. Back office integration also gives a way for growth to business in the future while upgrading to ecommerce platform.

Our e-Commerce back office support integrates the ecommerce platform through different applications:

  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) system
  • Inventory management system
  • Call center system
  • POS (point of sale)
  • Accounting system
  • Customer Relationship Management system

Ecommerce and ERP integration

Once we integrate your E Commerce platform with ERP, it is easy for you to upload the product catalogue through ERP system that can easily save time and money. If you are having an ERP system in Place, then product data entry can occur automatically. Your products will be available when you decide to upgrade or change the ecommerce platform. ERP integration can also streamline catalogue management. It is possible to make use of administration console of ecommerce platform that can change or update product images, descriptions and attributes.

Benefits of integrated ecommerce support

  • Faster as well as automated website administration
  • Allows having future growth strategies
  • Improved analysis as well as reporting capabilities
  • Maintain the single source of information and it is also capable of reducing duplication
  • Maintain consistency in data and message with sales channels.

In case of online orders that are fresh, the transaction details can be automatically forwarded to ERP system that will help in further processing of order that would include fulfillment, invoicing, shipping and more. It will completely depend on your needs that the data will be synchronized in real time. We are having extensive years of experience that helps to integrate ERP system with your ecommerce website.

Accounting system integration

Whether you plan to work with third party ecommerce accounting system or make use of proprietary in-house solution, we ensure that you can get seamless and integrated ecommerce solution for accounting service that can help to post orders and synchronize online as well as offline inventory and process payments. Back office support will help you to receive different capabilities and interfaces that can work with you and find the integration that you are in need of.

CRM integration

Online store management with CRM will allow tracking the visitors and can engage them while offering enhanced and personalized service. With the relevant offering it is possible to hold the attention of visitors.