Google Product Data Feed services

Google Product Data Feed services

Google Product Data Feed services Outsource

Search engines give opportunity to online shoppers to compare different products, prices and their features that are offered by different online stores. There is also the possibility for online shoppers to view customer ratings and reviews of specific product which can help them make better and improved buying decision, therefore more and more online shoppers are now getting placed in search engines and offer improved experience to customers.

You need to submit the website product details to shopping search engines and all this is done through a specific format that is known as Google data feed or Google product feed. The product deed needs to be unique to each shopping engine. The shopping feed should be of constant management and optimization that can ensure optimal visibility in shopping search engine. The optimized product data feed come along with organic search results on leading search engines. We are ready to set up the Google Product Feed that helps in better positioning of the website.

How can we optimize Google Merchant feeds?

  • Keyword analysis: Depending on the detailed keyword analysis, we can optimize product title and also focus on the description for higher page rankings.
  • Data feed submission: On the specified schedules, we take the initiative to submit the product feeds to Google Base such as XML or TEXT data feeds.
  • Product ID and category: We make sure that every product has unique product ID and it is categorized under correct taxonomy.
  • Additional attributes: Google base always give preference to products or items that is clearly defined additional attributes. It is highly beneficial to add information to product list such as tax and shipping details etc. that can offer better listing placements.

What is product feed Google?

A product feed is the catalogue of inventory that contains descriptive fields on product that allowed to be indexed by source and it is being uploaded. Product data feeds are actually produced as easy method of importing and exporting lists of products to post them to new website and channels.

Each channel such as Google shopping and Amazon come up with its own specific requirements of data fields. This can enable to list on site and these are known to be the mandatory fields. There are some of the recommended fields which are though not mandatory, but can help products to be indexed within listing and rich quality of data is posted. This improves the chance of receiving higher listing and appears to be relevant.

Google product search data feed listing helps in
  • Helps in increased product exposure
  • Enable more traffic to site
  • Generate higher conversion rates
Benefits of Google Product listings
  • We take the initiative of reviewing the product data feeds and can enhance them with the rich keyword product attributes
  • We have the ability to regularly add and update the Google product feeds on regular basis.
  • We can ensure the complete format compliance.
  • Take the product image which is further edited to post on the website. The skilled image clipping can enhance the sale of the product.