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Image Processing Services

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Image Processing Outsourcing Services

Business is not stagnant it keeps on expanding. One should expand their business to increase their profits and improve their sales. Expansion is also necessary to keep up with the competitive market. In the process of expanding the business has to maintain a huge amount of data which will be required for the future. The data forms the most important part of the company. Every department of the company will have its own set of data. It is important to maintain and store this data for any kind of future expansion and usage. One of the ways to keep the data intact is through image processing. The data in the raw format have to be stored in the electronic format to protecting from getting stolen and also any kind of physical damage which may done knowingly or unknowingly.

When the company or the business decides for the image processing; the in house process costs the company a lot hence it is advisable to outsource the work of image processing. There are various agencies who convert the data for the company in the format they would want and if required also provide them with data in the electronic format. The image processing is generally required by the company in order to store the data in electronic format which can used for any kind of business presentation or forming any kind of designs or logo for the company. The outsourcing agency deploys various types of scanning methods and OCR methods for the image processing. We at Allianze BPO are the masters in image processing. We make use of the latest technology and software in order to convert the raw files into the required format of images. Our professionals have been trained to convert these image files and also how to maintain them for further use for the client.

Our team of professionals at Allianze BPO understands the liability or the responsibility the company hands over to us at the time of image processing. We give out our 100% accuracy and quality to the client and we our approach is quality based. We very well understand that we should maintain the deadlines in order to retain our customers. There are many steps which are used for the purpose of digital processing;
some of them are mentioned hereunder:

  • Cropping of the images
  • Editing of the images
  • Manipulation and size altering of the images
  • The image selection and filtering is also one of the steps in digital processing
  • The other steps involved the setting of the histogram, removing of the additional and unwanted elements in the images.
  • We also provide the services of orientation of the images, scanning, retouching of the images, resizing and image segmentation.
  • Our professionals also provide the services of 2D and 3D image visualizations. Masking and composing is also one of the important aspects which we take care of while providing the services of image processing.
  • We also provide the services of adding watermarks and logo to the images in addition to the present data present in the image.
  • We also extract the text present in the image using the OCR software.

According to the requirement of the client we provide the converted images in various formats. The formats are JPEG images, BITMAP images, GIF files, TIFF files, PDF, PowerPoint presentations, CAD images and photographs. We provide all this with perfect accuracy and the data is provided in the various formats as per the requirement of the clients.

When we process the images there are two main things to be kept in mind one the visual approach of the image should be intact unless and until the client informs and the presentation of the image.