OCR and ICR Conversion Services

OCR and ICR Conversion Services

OCR and ICR Conversion Services Outsource India

OCR and ICR solutions by Allianze BPO

Data entry services by BPO are very common these days and mostly are used for outsourcing. Different communication strategies and flexibility in accessing internet have made outsourcing processes easier. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it is popularly known for transformation of characters into ASCII through machine print. If there is a need of conversion of data from document that is printed in the computer, generally OCR techniques are used for this. For that you need to scan the documents first with the help of optical scanner. You will get a scanned image which is then converted in the form of machine encoded text.

Maintaining huge volumes of data in the paper format is practically impossible and it can be time consuming as well. Thus, maximum organizations are going for converting the paper format data into electronic form so that it would be easy for them to retrieve and access the information easily on the next time. Computers can save large amounts of data so papers are no more in use for such purposes. That is why OCR techniques are comfortable to use. With this technique an organization can successfully convert the data in the paper format to electronic ones.

The advantages of using OCR include: OCR techniques can be helpful in searching and editing texts. It offers compact storage so that it does nt occupy much space for the data. OCR can be useful in converting printed papers to e-books. Documents can be easily transformed to the electronic format. It keeps the data in an organized manner in the computer system.

An ICR technique is the modified form of OCR which stands for intelligent character recognition. Most of the people go for ICR as OCR technique has one important disadvantage you cannot distinguish between handwritten data and few fonts. However with the help of ICR one can easily detect and recognize handwritten data. Thus, the transfer of handwritten data into electronic format is possible with the help of ICR.

We at Allianze BPO offer our clients the best ICR services so that it would be easy for them to transform the data in any available form into electronic form. We can assure you the quality services as we work using advanced tools to offer accurate services to maintain the relation with the customers. Whenever you want to go for processing large amounts of handwritten data we are always here to help you out. We have highly efficient staff which can make your work done with maximum accuracy and in time.

OCR and ICR Conversion Services We have both ICR and OCR service, you can avail any of them as we are here to provide you the best. The documents to be included in the OCR and ICR services are Insurance forms, Banking forms, Medical forms, Survey forms, Bill Remittance forms, Bounded forms and Directories. Most of the businessmen go for ICR and OCR as the accuracy in work provided by them is amazing.

Wide numbers of customer are associated with us and are happy by the services provided by us. As we provide high class quality OCR and ICR services the range of customers is huge. We have clients everywhere across the globe. High tech OCR and ICR services offered by us help us in giving customer satisfaction.