Pharmaceutical Research Services

Pharmaceutical Research Services

Market Research

The Pharmaceutical Industry as such is greatly benefited by the significant R & D done at the various labs. But there’s another type of research too which is much important for the development of these Pharmaceutical companies and that’s the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research. It requires expertise in the field conducting extensive research using advanced research techniques in the market. The entire Healthcare Industry benefits greatly from such vast and in-depth information collected by the expert Marketing Research team. This information is then analyzed by the veterans in the medical field to arrive at significant decisions.

At Allianze BPO, we provide the following supportive services for your Pharmaceutical Research:
We provide complete and in-depth pharmaceutical market research services and pharmaceutical clinical research services for our esteemed clients in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries. We have a team of well-experienced experts in the pharmaceutical / healthcare industry who are well-versed with the technicalities involved in this field.

We provide a broad spectrum of support services to the Pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare companies in the Pharma market research field so that they can concentrate on their core activities of R & D and production. At Allianze BPO, we provide customized and complete Pharmaceutical Market Research Services to align with your informational goals. We target our market research such that the purpose is well met with ample information and the information thus retrieved is well-analyzed and presented to the Pharmaceutical company on time. We present the information in such a way the Pharmaceutical experts can interpret them easily and use them to formulate their marketing strategy to win over the market ethically.

Our services include:

  • Medical Writing Services

    We provide quality medical writing services by employing professionals experienced in the medical field who can understand the terminology and also present the information in a precise and required format. We perform numerous writing services for the healthcare field that include but are not limited to, journals, clinical study reports, manuscripts, informative brochures, research papers, patient records, thesis, whitepapers etc

  • Information Mining

    Text mining is used to extract patient information and historical records which is used for market research. Apart from the patient information, more details on the prescription drugs used, treatment details, hospital details etc also are extracted from the digital resources.

  • Numerical Data Mining

    Quantitative information such as the number of days taken for complete cure, hospital stay, quantity of medicines given etc also is analyzed. This is of prime importance to the Pharma companies.

  • Patent Landscape Analysis

    PLAs or the Patent Landscape Analysis provides details on the status of the patent application of the various technologies used. It can be local, regional or global. Patents are also checked for their legal validity.