Questionnaire Data Entry

Questionnaire Data Entry

Questionnaire Data Entry Outsource India

Questionnaire is a set of questions which are targeted to get specific feedback from the set of sample respondents. The questionnaire is meant to take the opinion of the people on various products and services. This type of questionnaire helps the company in improving the products and services and making them better. The completed questionnaire has to be classified in an accurate manner. In order to classify the questionnaire we require the data entry operators. The data entry operators convert the data from the questionnaire into various useful products and services and this converted into an electronic format. We provide the data entry services for using the latest technological devices and our professionals are trained professionals for the purpose of data entry.

The data entry work is a challenging job which puts to test the skills of the operator. They are supposed to enter everything from the hard paper to the electronic form. We are well trained and along with the help of latest technology we are able to process the hard data into electronic form. We do more than data entry- we also provide the services like data scanning, capturing the data with the help of the latest technology, creation of mailing lists and we also provide the service of verifying the survey process data. We, the data entry operators use various tools for the purpose of questionnaire and survey document scanning.

Some of the most common tools which are used are:

  • OCR Optical Character Reader
  • OMR Optical Mark Recognition
  • ICR Intelligent Character Recognition tools.

These are the tools which are mostly used for scanning of the word documents into the electronic form. This software helps to keep the data as it is. There are many types of data which needs to be scanned like the mathematical data or the science related data which has facts and figures; here these tools are useful as the images are converted into text without any distortion in the original data.

The questionnaire layout may differ according to the requirement of the business. They may change it as per the survey they would want to conduct. In most of the questionnaires a common template is followed.

The questionnaire would have:

  • Multiple choice questions you may give 3-4 options for the question.
  • Yes / No questions the yes / no questions are those which directly give the answer whether yes or no there is no middle answer for this.
  • Ranking questions there would be questions where you have to rank them on the scale from 1-5. On the scale you can have 1 as very poor and 5 as the excellent ranking.
  • Likeness rating scales there are questions which are rated on the likeness scales. The person can give answer according to their experience and choice.
  • Checklists some of the questions are based on the checklists. It depends on what type of sample study the questionnaire is all about. The checklists can vary from questionnaire to questionnaire.
  • Semantic differential rating scales, Ecosystem rating scales and other rating scales the questions are prepared on the basis of these various rating scales. It shall differ according to the businesses.

We provide excellent skilled man power and the team is a dedicated team. You shall face no problems with regards to the language or the infrastructure. We provide the state of the art infrastructure and all the professionals are trained to work in multiple languages. We maintain strict quality process and ensure that the client get their value for money. You can the output of your data in the format you would want i.e. Excel, word, access, PDF format, HTML etc.

We provide the data entry services for the following types of application forms:

  • Insurance forms
  • Insurance claims
  • Healthcare forms and applications
  • Loan applications
  • Credit card applications
  • Leasing and government forms