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Survey Processing Services

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Survey Processing Outsourcing services

The most effective solutions to get a clear idea on several fundamentals that need upgradation that leads to company growth are Surveys. The customer satisfaction, product/service feedback, market performance, current trends etc. is the elements where surveys are used. To apply the innovative and competitive strategies for the company growth can be implied with the help of surveys. Huge data are collected with the help of surveys. If the data is prepared systematically and in detail for the product/service, the feedback obtained is useful. This feedback this is used for improvement. The data can be inaccurate also and can be tampered. There are also software available which help you in conducting surveys but has many defaults. So it is better to outsource such tasks to experts who have enough knowledge, resources and judgments that are required for surveys.

Allianze BPO comes into picture here when you look for the Survey processing services. There are reasons why to hire Allianze BPO for survey processing:-

  • Top class survey processing services
  • There are affordable rates which are half the cost which are incurred in-house survey processing.
  • Experienced team of skilled data processing professionals.
  • Use of latest technology, skilled workforce and our infrastructure saves the company's cost.
  • Maintain the accuracy of the job and ensure that we deliver the project on time.

Where is the survey processing service applied?

  • Product/service Surveys
  • Market Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Political Surveys
  • Medical surveys
  • Competitive surveys
  • Group Surveys
  • Health care surveys
  • Demographic Surveys
  • Employee Surveys.

Our survey processing uses a set number of steps:

Survey Framework setup to have the exact and effective information over different fields the surveys need to be systematically prepared and planned.

Methodical Design of a survey form the systematic preparation of survey leads to the next step of designing questionnaires and forms in such a way so as to extract maximum information.

Gathering Data/Information The data are then sent to the web server or any other means thus to capture the data which is collected with the help of a questionnaire or any other source.

Survey scanning Once the data is captured it is converted using OCR, OMR or ICR and presented to our client in any format they desire.

Survey Data entry -To have an efficient data analysis the data are transferred to the company's database or MS excel. This helps in the analysis and understanding of survey data. Our team carries out the cross table checking of data and relation of information collected while entering the data. Later this data is used to prepare statistical reports using columns, tables or graphs.

We aim at using techniques for survey that are user friendly and make surveys attractive. Also aim at getting the responses from the respondents who usually turn away from such surveys. We use advanced software, OCR techniques and also add comments and feedbacks in MS excel sheets or database. We are sure that we will provide you the best survey processing service with use of modern technology, advanced software's and experienced team so as you get good results out of surveys.

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